Aircraft Access & Ground Support Equipment

Design, Fabricate, Install & Commission Docking Systems For Servicing Of Aircrafts B787, B777, B767, B757, B747, B737, A380, A350, A340, A330, A320, MD11 & DC10, etc

aircraft_GIFFit-Check Of Aircraft

Multi-Nose Dock System For 7 Different Types Of Aircrafts.

Multi-Nose Dock With Accessible Levels For B747, B767, B777, A330, A320, MD11 & DC10

Sliders On Platform Enable Close Up Access To The Aircraft. 1st & 2nd Passenger Doors.

Sliders On Platform Enable Close Up Access To The Aircraft Crown Area.

Multi-Wing Docking System - Top Platform View.

Fit Check For B767. Height Adjustments Made By Air Motor And Screw Actuator Mechanism

Multi-Horizontal Stabilizer Docking System For Tail.

Fit Check For MD11.  Height Adjustments  Made By Electrical Motor And Screw Actuator Mechanism

CB 4 At Changi Airport
Design, Fabricate, Install & Commission B747 & B777 Docking System.

Port View Of The Wing Dock Modules In Preparation For B747 / B777.

View of the Wing Dock Modules For B747/ B777.

Multi-Wing B737, B757 & A320 Docking System

Multi-Windshield Access, B757 & A320

APU & Wing Root Access, A380

WW & MLG Platform, B777

WW & MLG Platform, B787, Adjustable

Cabin Access Stand, B737, Lightweight & Towable